100% Natural Honey | FAQ
Madu Uray adalah madu murni yang diperkaya dengan saripati dari berbagai bunga hutan, nutrisi alami, enzim, bee pollen, dan royal jelly.
madu organik, madu murni, madu hutan
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)



What’s so special about Madu Uray?

Madu Uray is pure natural honey taken directly from the forest, which means that you will get all the benefits from its natural nutrients, enzymes, bee pollen, royal jelly. We suggest you to eat Madu Uray in routine as it may helps to regenerate cells, that helps to delay aging process, smoother skin, and protect cell from carcinogen substance (cause of cancer).


Do you have physical store where I can visit?

We partner with few local supermarkets and organic stores, such as All Fresh Market, Total Buah Segar, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, Market City PIK, Papaya Fresh Gallery, Jakarta Fruit Market, Club Sehat Store, Duta Buah Segar, Rezeki Supermarket.


Is it safe to eat honey during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe to eat honey during pregnancy.


Is it safe to give honey to my baby/infant?

We strongly suggest to give honey only to children that is older than 2 years old, because the acidity of a baby’s digestive tract is not strong enough to process the honey.




How can I place my order?

– Pick the honey size (640 ML or 330 ML) and qty that you want
– Add to cart
– Check your order again before proceeding to checkout
– Fill your contact information form and the delivery address
– Place your order


Do I need to an account to shop Madu Uray?

No. You may shop directly without having to create an account. Although, to set up an account will allow you to order without having to fill in details every time you want to buy Madu Uray with us.


What are my payment options?

At this moment we only accept bank transfer. In the future, We will try to accommodate payment via credit card as well.


Can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order after you click/tap on the “Place order” button. Kindly review your shopping cart before submitting an order.


How soon can I get my order?

After you place order, transfer, and confirm your payment, we will process the order the NEXT DAY / in 24 hours. Then our shipping partner (JNE) will need certain amount of time to deliver your package, commonly it varies from 1-4 days.


Please make sure you make your payment confirmation after transferring the money, so your order can be processed as soon as possible.


What should I do if there is a problem with the package that I have receive?

Don’t worry, we will assist you with the issue. Kindly contact us at info@madu-uray.com.


I have completed my payment but the package has been late for few days than the estimated time. What should I do?

Please do not forget to confirm your transfer payment via “Payment Confirmation” page, fill all the required details such as your order number, bank account name, payment amount, etc. Please make sure you fill the form according to your order detail. If you have done the confirm payment step but still haven’t received the package yet, please contact us at  at info@madu-uray.com.