100% Natural Honey | Madu Uray
Madu Uray is a pure honey enriched with nectars from variety of forest flowers, natural nutrients, enzymes, bee pollen, and royal jelly. Madu Uray adalah madu murni, asli dari hasil hutan Indonesia, madu nomor satu di Indonesia.
Madu Uray,madu hutan,raw honey,madu asli
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Our Story

At Madu Uray, We only source raw, pure, and natural honey. We are a brand that built with one goal in mind,

to bring simple nature goodness to everyone.


Bees work hard to produce honey while we work hard to distribute the honey to your daily life in the most

affordable price. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, right?


What keep us going? At the end of the day, all we’re trying to do is to provide

natural honey that you can enjoy in your everyday life.

We hope that you like it and have some great moments with Madu Uray and that’s where our happiness lies.

Here are some of our customers’ moments with Madu Uray


Where to Find Us?

We are available in these day-to-day stores